We are always looking for great stories from our area to share with our Corridor readers! If you have a story idea or want to suggest an outstanding young person to be featured in a future "Kids on the Corridor" please use the contact info below.

  • Kids on The Corridor .......... Jeree Milligan - corridorkids@gmail.com
  • Corridor News..................... Jeree Milligan - corridornews@gmail.com

We do not currently publish an online edition of the magazine, but if you are looking for samples of what we do each month, there are a select few at the links below. Enjoy!

Editorial Advisory: Jeree Milligan, Rick Reily, Diane Brown, Pastor Paul Ragel, Anita Reynolds, Andrea Byers, Missy Husted, and Mary Terry Montague


Better Health Now: Jan 2016 (opens in a new window)
Going, Going, Gone: May 2016 (opens in a new window)
Lincoln County Hall of Heroes: July 2016 (opens in a new window)
Restored Station Serves New Purpose: Oct 2016 (opens in a new window)
Small Artist with a Big Project: Sept 2016 (opens in a new window)
Disaster Strikes the Corridor: June 2013
Jon Gray, Living the Dream: July 2013
Crossfit: January 2014
Kids on The Corridor